Precision Thermal Weeding

40x labor reduction in hand-weeding for vegetable crops

Tensorfield Agriculture is pioneering the commercial adoption of thermal micro dosing for weed control in vegetable crops.

Based on research from the University of California, Davis and the University of Bonn-Landtechnik, we eradicate weeds using only heated vegetable oil.

Our machines operate semi-autonomously, with each machine plus operator equal to the throughput of a 40-person hand crew.

We’re starting with trials in spinach, lettuce and more on the West Coast of the US.

Contact us to arrange a trial.

No Soil Disturbance

We don’t break the soil crust, effective in all soil types without damaging your keeper crops

½ Inch Precision

Our thermal-micro dosing sprayer enables us to kill weeds in densely planted beds with ½ inch precision

Organic Approved

We use only heated vegetable oil to kill weeds – no extensive herbicide inventory required

Credit: Lisa Shcheglova, SOSV

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