2024 Automated Technology Field Day

Tensorfield was invited to participate and demo at the 2024 Agricultural Technology Field Day on Thursday, June 27, 2024. The event was organized by Steve Fennimore, Extension Vegetable Weed Control Specialist, UC Davis and Paramveer Singh, Agricultural Technology Area Advisor, Monterey County in cooperation with the USDA ARS, Salinas, CA.

There were 12 companies represented, with each showing a live demo of their technologies in precision weeding and other ag operations.

Tensorfield’s Jetty robot demonstrated our patented thermal jetting process on planted carrot beds, showing high lethality across a range of weed sizes and with good crop protection thanks to accurate AI detection models trained in-house for the high-density setup.

Travel speed was 1.2 mph in order to achieve a 1/4-inch spray cell size with a crop protection buffer zone of another 1/4 inch around keeper plants.

Tensorfield was thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our technology to a decent sized crowd of growers, academics, students and other equipment manufacturers in attendance.

Seeing is believing – and we had several attendees closely scrutinize the crop bed tops after treatment! It was clear that within an hour or so of treatment, the dosed weeds had already started to die back from the thermal energy of the food-grade oil and that collateral overspray was minimal.