Robotic Testing Platform

Tensorfield has constructed a modular robotic platform for testing of our automated thermal weeding payload. High power requirements due to the heating of vegetable oil to weed-lethal temperatures had to be accommodated during the design phase. Full suspension and high ground clearance were key to being able to deal with the challenging terrain on our customer sites.


Drive Motors4x 1.5kW brushless electric motors
Handling4x independently steered wheels, full suspension, 27″ R4 treads, max incline 35%
WheelbaseFor 80″ beds (center to center)
Working Speed1.6mph
Wet Weight2,200lb
Power TrainSerial hybrid: 19kW Winco gasoline generator to LiFePo4 battery
Design Range10 acres (expandable with enlarged tanks)
Render of Robotic Platform
Chassis in Workshop