Tensorfield V3 “Jetty” robot shows significant spray improvements over V2

Our latest robot, Jetty, brings a remarkable improvement in spray precision over its predecessor V2, our pre-commercial engineering prototype. With Jetty, we completely redesigned the heated thermal jetting manifold, packing 232 nozzles into a continuous array to cover an 80-inch bed. This innovation effectively doubles our spray resolution, delivering 1/4 inch precision in spray targeting across the entire bed top with a travel speed of 1.2 mph.

A self-leveling payload mechanism deals with uneven furrows and keeps the sprayers within 3 inches of the target foliage, while depth cameras map out the bed to account for any irregularities in height that need to be compensated for in our spray targeting algorithms. As a result, we’re able to hit smaller targets with greater accuracy as shown in the images and videos below.

V3 – Jetty 1/4″ spray resolution at 1.2 mph travel speed
V2 – Prior robotic spray resolution
Real time spray testing – 1.2 mph travel speed targeting emerged weeds
Jetty spray cam view in real time targeting emerged weeds
V3 Payload Self-Leveling Mechanism