Xiong Chang

Robotic Chassis Field Testing

Tensorfield has commenced field testing of its V2 robotic chassis in the Salinas valley here in California. Tensorbot’s small footprint enables easy transport to the fields with just a midsize pickup truck and 12′ utility trailer. Integrated suspension units and a short wheelbase make easy work of entering customer fields, with ample ground clearance and …

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Image Collection with Snappy

For image collection on customer sites, and to provide initial weed treatment quotations, a lightweight remote-controlled rover was designed and built for easy two-person maneuverability (named Snappy, as it snaps photographs at a rate of 60-120 frames per second). For interested growers (specialty – 40/80 inch beds): please get in touch with us to arrange …

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Weed Detection Demo

Our computer vision pipeline detects weeds within the seedline, even when weeds are a similar size or larger than the keeper crops. Our algorithm runs in real-time, allowing our thermal sprayers to accurately target the weeds for removal while leaving your crop stand unharmed.

Robotic Testing Platform

Tensorfield has constructed a modular robotic platform for testing of our automated thermal weeding payload. High power requirements due to the heating of vegetable oil to weed-lethal temperatures had to be accommodated during the design phase. Full suspension and high ground clearance were key to being able to deal with the challenging terrain on our …

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Thermal Micro-Dosing Explained

Thermal micro-dosing is a method of weed control in which extremely small doses of very hot vegetable oil are applied to post-emergent weeds in the most weed-challenged areas such as within the seedline of dense crop stands. Research conducted by UC Davis and funded by the Tomato Research Institute in 2012 successfully demonstrated this technology …

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Tensorfield Agriculture featured in Channel News Asia documentary

Tensorfield Agriculture was featured in a Channel News Asia documentary covering the rise of China as the hardware capital of the world. We were interviewed at our SOSV/HAX Accelerator space and gave them a short tour of the bustling Huaqiangbei electronics markets. Channel News Asia Insight Series 2020/2021 Ep. 1: China’s Digital Empire

Tensorfield Pitches at TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield

Tensorfield Agriculture was selected to present our herbicide-free thermal weeding prototype at the first TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield in Shenzhen China. We brought along our prototype: an automated precision sprayer applicable for all 80-inch beds, hitting weeds with 1/2-inch accuracy while leaving densely planted crops like kale, spring mix and spinach to flourish.

Tensorfield Awarded Wells Fargo Scholarship with Western Growers

Tensorfield now has a residency with the Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology! To help our members do more with less, Western Growers launched the Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology (WGCIT) in Salinas, CA. The Center was created to help identify industry priorities, discover technologies to address those priorities, set up testing, …

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